Matein Backpack Review: The Perfect Travel Backpack

Matein Travel Backpack

I’ve needed a new backpack for a while now. After so many destinations and so many miles, my trusty pack is starting to look like Indiana Jones’ worst nightmare. It was never anything special to begin with, but it became my constant companion. I’ve been trying to ignore that widening rip on the side that I keep bandaging with safety pins. I keep ignoring the fading blue exterior that was once so vibrant in its infancy.

But I can’t have her for much longer. As much as I’ve grown attached to this hunk of fabric that has held my worldly possessions so lovingly for so long, I need to find another. And quick! Because I’m flying across the country to do a solo hike and my current backpack will simply not stand for another bout of abuse from the overstuffing and inclement weather.

Matein Backpack Review

My Old Backpack

Luckily, I’ve found the perfect replacement. After much research online and checking out disruptors, I’ve discovered and love the Matein Travel Backpack. This backpack is far more advanced than my current bag in every way. It’s a travel backpack, but it can be used for just about anything. After landing a new job in tourism management, my search preferences changed slightly. This new job will require me to carry a laptop from time to time, along with a camera. I wanted to find a backpack that had the security and durability as something you would need to take on the train every day to work, but also look and feel like a backpack that you could take on a hike.

My good friend good and contact who helped me land this new job recommended the Matein Backpack. She actually uses the Matein Slim Travel Laptop Backpack, but I tend to overpack, so I got the larger of the two. The larger Matein Travel Backpack also has more features, including one of my favorite design concepts with the built-in combination lock. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to bring or lost the lock for my old pack. This feature easily allows you to lock your back with a combination code.

Matein Backpack

This backpack has a sleek design and dark color making it a stylish piece for both men and women. It’s extremely light in my hand for its size and holds all of my stuff beautifully. The main compartment is roomier than it looks on the outside and holds all of the clothing needed for a long trip.

There is a separate, well-padded compartment in the main to hold your laptop and other devices, so if you happen to drop it on the floor, it will protect them nicely. A somewhat unique feature is the centrally located straps which provide better weight distribution for your back. Most other backpacks have the straps located on the sides where they can shift unevenly. The light-colored interior makes it easy to find that item in dim light, and the top grip handle is good for quick jaunts when you don’t want to throw it over your shoulder.

Matein Backpack

The clean lines of this backpack hold everything you need for short or long trips and have many different compartments for your various accouterments. Most fans of the Matein Backpack appreciate the roomy main compartment, which serves a myriad of purposes. Anything from electronics to a week’s worth of light clothing can be stored easily and securely. There is a smaller zippered front pocket for grabbing smaller items quickly, and the long shoulder drop means it can adjust to fit most people comfortably, with surprisingly good weight-distribution.

Matein backpacks are a fairly new company, founded in 2016, however, their backpacks have excellent reviews on Amazon.

The Many Pockets of the Matein Backpack

  • 1 Hidden Back Pocket to protect your valuable items from thieves, could hold your phone, wallet etc.
  • 1 Large Main Compartment: Thin clothes, headset, books, magazine, camera, CD’s, etc
  • 2 size zipper side pockets: Better for carrying water bottle and umbrella
  • 1 Small Front Pocket: cellphone, wallet, earphone
  • 1 Front Compartment: Prefer for Passport,key,phone,headphone
  • 1 Computer compartment: Best for your notebook or A4 file

Product Details

  • Security Lock & Anti Theft Protection
  • Side-mounted Coded lock
  • TSA Friendly- The Matein Backpack is checkpoint friendly and can be opened freely 90-180 degree without removing it from the bag quickly at airport security perfect for international travel, and ensures a hassle-free laptop-in-bag TSA Scan.
  • Large Capacity & External Dimension : Size:20*13*8 inch (L*W*H)
  • USB Charging Port
  • High-Quality Material & Water Resistant
  • A luggage strap
  • Reasonably priced

With all of the Matein Backpack’s features, it’s competitively priced on Amazon, making it a smart investment compared to similar backpacks in the marketplace. It’s versatility make it a great piece for multi-use. However, if you’re looking for something more travel-based and don’t plan on bringing anything but a camera, I would suggest reading our review on Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Pack, I different style, and something I did look at, but I went with the Matein Backpack.


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