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Doggie Roadtrip: 6 Awesome Car Seat Extender For Dogs

Car Seat Extender For Dogs

Many dog owners consider their pet(s) to be a member of the household. This motivates their desire to bring them along on all of their vacations, even the long ones.

However, if you’ve never traveled with a dog before, it might be difficult. But with a little planning, taking your dog along for the ride can be a fantastic adventure for you and your furry friend.

When taking a dog on a trip, safety is of paramount importance. Dogs should be restrained in the automobile so they don’t provide a distraction to the driver or be hurt if the car rolls over. A travel cage or seat belt harness are just two of the many alternatives for safely transporting your dog in the car. Make sure the technique you use is suitable for the size and weight of your dog.

The dog’s hygiene should also be taken into account while packing for a trip. Your vehicle may quickly become untidy or unsanitary due to dog hair, slobber, and grime. A car seat extension might be the answer to your dilemma. You may protect your car’s upholstery from your dog’s hair, slobber, and filth with a car seat extension, which slips over the rear seat and gives your dog more room to stretch out. A car seat extender can keep your dog safe and secure while driving and your car clean.

I recommend the following Car seat extenders for your dog.

Seat Extenders For Dogs

My Dog

My golden retriever weighs 68 pounds, so I was happy to find out about the Back Seat Extender. So far, she has been able to bear her weight without any problems. We have just had it for three months, so time will tell if it is durable.

My pet adores the spacious new back seat home. She previously had little space. She can’t even turn around in it without risking her leg falling off the edge.

My 2013 Hyundai Tucson has a perfect fit with the extension. In this case, we did take measurements beforehand. To determine proper placement within the car, we did not measure the seat itself, but rather the overall dimensions of the product. Perfect.

If you need to make room for someone in the back seat but still want to use the extension, the fact that you can fold up one side is a great feature. It’s not ideal because of the way it folds; the folded half is much thicker than the single-layer part, and some of the product is still in the way. The extension may be removed and placed in its own carrying case. You may stow it away in the trunk until you need it again.

Why the headrest clips in the front seats are metal but those in the rear aren’t is beyond me. Perhaps in an effort to reduce costs. Clips perhaps overheating in the sunshine? One may only speculate without knowledge of the manufacturer’s thought process. Metal clips would have been safer and more long-lasting, and I don’t think it would have cost much extra to make them all.

Because the base it rests on is level, it lies with the incline of the seat. For further stability, I wrapped up an extra-large beach towel and placed it beneath the extension. All is good here. Perhaps a long microbead pillow would be preferable, but I don’t have any and don’t feel like going out and buying some only to test a theory when the towel already performs the job. It would be convenient if the extender had a built-in feature, similar to the microbeads’, that helped maintain it level when attached to different cars.

Car Seat Extender For Dogs

Dog Travel Advice

Once you’ve ensured your dog’s health and sanitation before a trip, you can turn your attention to finding ways to keep him occupied. Dogs, especially those that aren’t accustomed to vehicle drives, might become bored during lengthy journeys. Some suggestions for your dog’s entertainment:

Dogs like playing with toys, and bringing along their favorite toy might help them feel more at ease.

Stop every few hours to let your dog out for a walk, use the restroom, and enjoy some fresh air. You can use this time to get up and move about a bit.

Treats are a terrific method to keep your dog entertained and content while you’re away. Bring along some of their favorite snacks, and as a reward for good conduct, give them one every so often.

Some canine passengers benefit from listening to music or an audiobook while traveling. This may make them feel at ease and cozy.

Last but not least, after you’ve arrived at your location, you should do everything you can to make your dog feel at ease. This includes supplying them with a bed, toys, and food that they are used to eating and sleeping with at home. Keep an eye on your dog, especially if they are still getting adjusted to their new surroundings. Be patient and understanding while your dog gets used to its new home and environment.

In sum, taking your dog along for the ride may be a ton of fun. You can make sure that your road trip is pleasant for both you and your dog by using a car seat extender, keeping your car clean, and providing your dog with things to do. Get your dog along for the ride, and get ready to hit the road!

11 Portable Generators For Camping To Enhance Your Trip

Portable Generators For Camping Options in 2023

Camping is an enjoyable activity that may also help reduce tension caused by your regular life. Going outside and spending time in nature may also be beneficial to one’s health. Researchers found a correlation between spending time outside and having less negative thoughts. You may improve the quality of your sleep and your overall health by getting in touch with your natural circadian rhythms, which can be facilitated by sleeping outside beneath the stars.

The majority of people think of camping as a method to get away from screens and other forms of technology by taking a vacation from television and film in order to focus on reconnecting with nature. On the other hand, there are a lot of benefits associated with using portable generators when camping. They are a proactive backup plan for situations such as charging your phone in case there is an emergency, or they may be used for things such as an electric bug zapper when you have had enough of the mosquitoes. Bluetooth speakers occasionally require a charge, and you definitely don’t want to charge them off of the battery in your vehicle.

Despite the fact that I wholeheartedly advise moving away from as many items as possible that require you to plug them in, I’m sure that everyone is able to think of at least one thing for which a tiny portable generator would come in useful.

After doing a lot of research, the following are the portable generators for camping that I believe to be the finest ones on the market. I hope this helps!

What are the benefits of a Portable Generator?

A portable generator is a useful piece of equipment that can supply you with electricity whenever and wherever you want it. When the electricity goes out, whether you’re camping, tailgating, or even just at home, having a portable generator may be a lifesaver.

One of the most useful features of a portable generator is that it enables one to obtain electricity even when one is not in close proximity to a standard electrical outlet. Camping, tailgating, or attending to an event that takes place outside are all examples of activities when this may come in helpful. Even if you are in a distant location, you will still be able to use your lights, phone charger, and other small electronic devices if you have a portable generator.

In the event that there is a disruption in the normal supply of electricity, a portable generator can serve as an alternative source of power for the home. You can keep your most essential appliances and systems operational with the help of a portable generator in the event that a storm or another type of calamity knocks out your power supply. Whether you use electricity to heat or cool your home or operate medical equipment, knowing this information might save your life.

DIY projects and activities that take place outside are both excellent candidates for the utilization of a portable generator. A portable generator can supply the necessary amount of electricity for you to use power tools while you are working on a project that requires their use. In addition, you may utilize a portable generator in the event that you wish to have lighting, music, and other amenities for an outside gathering.

In conclusion, a portable generator is a handy piece of equipment that can supply you with electricity whenever and wherever you want it. Whether you’re camping, coping with a power outage, or working on a do-it-yourself project, having a portable generator may make your life simpler and more pleasant.

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Laptop Backpack For Women: 11 Practical and Stylish Options

Best Laptop Backpack For Women

Best Laptop Backpack For Women

As technology gets smaller and more lightweight so do the cases, bags, and backpacks we use to carry around our trusted devices. In just the last few years, laptops have made a significant change towards being sleeker with less wasted space, and have indeed become as convenient as carrying around a thin book. Of course, all that being said, you still need to keep your laptop safe from theft and getting damaged. While there are a lot of options on the market, a laptop backpack for women with some style to it isn’t as easy to find as you would think. It seems that most companies are still pushing the briefcase concept.

Laptop Backpack For WomenWhen I think of a briefcase, I think of a hardshell case like the one you would see in a spy movie where someone is transporting millions of dollars. The hero later uses the briefcase as a shield in a gunfight, or at some point throws the briefcase across the room knocking someone unconscious. I’m joking; of course, there are a lot of successful women who still use and carry around a briefcase, I just know that’s not the look I’m after.

Actually, now that I think of it, it wasn’t a look that my mother was after either. When I was a kid, my mom had this well-respected position where she managed and oversaw the success of twenty-plus stores at the airport. You know all those stores you pass on the way to your flight, or shop in while waiting for your trip? They’re usually all owned by one or two companies.

One Christmas, my brother and I went in on a leather briefcase. Laptops weren’t around back then, but I remember thinking I wanted to get something for my mom, who was a strong businesswoman. About a week after the holidays she confessed that she returned it as it just wasn’t her thing. She preferred carrying all her news and notes on her blackberry, or simply remembered info by memory.

What I’m Looking For

Living in the North West, which is typically raining most of the year, requires a different type of criteria when buying day-to-day travel accessories. I need a backpack that is waterproof and can hold a 15-inch laptop. I’m also tired of lugging around both my purse and a bag to hold my laptop, so I’m looking to merge the two. Ideally, I want something stylish enough that I can take this bag out to lunch and it doesn’t look like it has a laptop in it, yet professional enough for the office.

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Delsey Helium Aero Review: Surprisingly Spacious

This article is a review of a specific Delsey Luggage suitcase, a company we have covered in the past. This particular model, the Delsey Helium Aero 29 has been very popular as of late, so we decided to feature it in its own review article. 

Delsey Helium Aero Review

The trend in luggage seems to be hardsided luggage these days. While most people will admit hardside suitcases can appear cold and lack visual appeal, Delsey has put a twist on the design that a lot of people seem to like.

Liane Corbin wrote an article on Delsey Luggage earlier in the year that a lot of readers seemed to enjoy. In that piece, Liane talks about some of the best tips to keep in mind while targeting a suitcase set to buy. Aside from obvious protection, which of course is the number one priority when it comes to your valuables, surprisingly it’s the wheels and handles that are equally as important when purchasing a high-quality suitcase for finding value. The handle and wheels are the first things on your suitcase that could break, so investing in luggage with quality features is a great first step to get the most shelf life out of your purchase.

Delsey has made a conscious decision to create luggage with high-quality elements, even if the customer isn’t fully aware that they need them as much as they do.

The Delsey Helium Aero 29 is lightweight and durable. It is made of 100% Polycarbonate, which is a material that is extremely resilient to cracking or breaking, with a deep metallic finish. Polycarbonate is a soft material that flexes with the goal to absorb impact when thrown or dropped. This material is also present in contact lenses. It’s difficult to scratch polycarbonate easily, which makes it a perfect material for hardside suitcases.

As I already mentioned, the design of Delsey’s suitcases not only has curve appeal but come in made options and colors to choose from. There are over 9 different color and size options to choose from, all have small design differences, but an overall branded look by Delsey.

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Best Travel Blanket for Flights

Best Travel Blanket for Flights

Best Travel Blanket

Although they say getting there is half of the fun, it’s not very enjoyable to be part way through a flight and absolutely freezing. Not only does it make for a very unpleasant flight, but it can also stop you from getting crucial hours of sleep, meaning you arrive at your destination feeling tired and grumpy.

Some international airlines do provide blankets for long-haul flights, however, they’re often not terribly comfortable, not to mention that it’s best not to think about how many people have used them before you! Honestly, when do they wash those things? Even if that doesn’t bother you, there’s certainly no guarantee that a free blanket will be provided for you as there is sometimes a limited supply. Instead, do what I do, pack a travel blanket. You’ll be surprised how often you use it.

Be Proactive: Get a Travel Blanket Before Your Flight

Well-crafted travel blankets ensure that your temperature is regulated perfectly (working to keep you warm when needed, as well as cooling you down if necessary) and that you are comfortable in flight, all at an affordable price.

The best travel blankets have a number of other uses as well. Of course, they’re great for different types of travel like on buses, trains, and boats as well as flights. They can also double as picnic blankets or pillows in a push, or replace hotel linens that look just a little bit questionable. All in all, it’s no wonder that frequent travelers swear by a good quality travel blanket as one of the travel essentials.

Not sure which to go for? Here are our two favorite travel blankets for the serious traveler who wants to stay warm and comfortable:

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