5 Best Bug Zappers For Camping

Bug Zapper For Camping is a Must Have

Camping in the vast outdoors is refreshing because it brings us face-to-face with the marvels of nature. However, annoying bugs may rapidly ruin a camping experience and make you hate you never left the house. Bringing a bug zapper camping is a smart move to protect yourself and your family or camping companions from these persistent insects.

I know what you thinking, bug spray will do the job, but the constant re-applying and smell is not worth it. Last year I bought a portable bug zapper for our yearly family camping trip and it was a game changer. It’s a must-have camping accessory since it keeps bugs at bay, improves the quality of your sleep, makes outdoor meals easier, and encourages fun for the whole family. Get away from the buzzing noise and bites and enjoy the outdoors.

The following are 5 great outdoor portable bug zappers for camping.



Bug Zapper Outdoor Mosquito Killer Lamp

Amazon Reviews: 126 ratings 

  • 2-In-1 Outdoor Bug Zapper: The UV light inside the outdoor bug zapper lamp draws in bugs like mosquitoes, flies, moths, wasps, and gnats and kills them right away. The room is also bright enough with the 2200mAh USB portable LED light. It has three different light sets so you can choose how bright the light is.
  • IP66 Waterproof Bug Zapper for Camping: You don’t have to use a special brush to clean the Camping Lantern. Just run it under the stream to get rid of the bugs. This lightweight and movable bug zapper with hooks can be put on the camping table or hung in the tent. When you and your kids go camping, you can use it as a light.
  • USB recharging Mosquito Killer Lamp: This lamp to get rid of mosquitoes has a 2200mAh recharging battery already built in. When fully charged, it can work as a mosquito lamp for up to 30 hours. It can charge USB devices like computers, cell phone chargers, and adapters. It will be an important part of your RV camping and tent camping gear.
  • Safe and without chemicals: The Mosquito Killer Lamp is safe and doesn’t use food. It has a thick insulation structure that keeps your finger from touching the electric mesh. It is EPA-approved.
  • Easy to Use and Satisfies Customers: You can put the Mosquito Killer on a table or hang it up anywhere with its hook. It’s also easy to charge with the USB cord. Quality is important to us, so if you’re not happy with the goods, you can get all of your money back.



Mosquito Zapper Outdoor with LED Light

Amazon Reviews: 149 ratings 

Similar to the first bug zapper, however, this one has a brighter light.

  • 5000LM independent-controlled LED light repels mosquitoes and illuminates your surroundings, making it great for outdoor activities including meals, parties, BBQs, camping, and more.
  • Endbug mosquito trap uses a replaceable 15W bulb to emit a 365nm purple light wave and microthermal effect that attracts insects, then electrocutes them by 4200V high-voltage grid, killing mosquitoes, gnats, Aedes, flies, moths, and other flying insects over 1500 sq ft.
  • IPX6 Waterproof Endbug’s bug zapper lasts in tough weather. With a hanging hook, it may be utilized at house, balcony, patio, garden, courtyard, farm, office, swimming pool, garage, pergola, and more.
  • LIGHT, COMPACT, PORTABLE – The Endbug electric fly zapper weighs 0.9 kg and measures L5.9″* W5.9″ H12″. Its 5ft (1.5m) power cable makes it ideal for outdoor use.
  • Family-Safe Solution – The EPA-registered Endbug bug zapper indoor destroys pests physically without pesticides or attractants, is safe for your family, and uses fireproof ABS material and 0.27″ frame intervals to safeguard your family and pets from inadvertent contact with the inner grid.



Multi-Pack Portable Lantern Bug Zappers

This is for a big family that is moving in all directions. Having a few smaller bug zappers may work best for you and your family.

  • Insect Control:  Think green with no air pollution or fuel replacements compared to typical oil-burning torches, bug killer torch may replace up to 90 refills of torch fuel (projected consumption based on 4 months of an average evening of use).
  • BLUE UV LEDS:  Flickering flame effect simulates an open flame without the risk. Sun-powered blue UV LEDs attract flying insects to keep your outdoor experience pest-free.
  • Designed for Outdoors: the insect killer torch is weatherproof and can be left outside in the elements while it effortlessly charges using natural sunlight
  • Portable: use the solar-powered insect killer torch wherever you desire the warm aesthetic of a flame LED combined with a bug zapper. A great travel item for camping, hiking, fishing as well as outdoor patios and decks


RYOBI 18V ONE+ Bug Zapper with LED Light

If you have Amazon tools, it’s likely you have a few RYOBI batteries laying around that would pair up with this bug zapper perfectly. This is a newer product and there isn’t a ton of info on it, but if you’re a fan of RYOBI you’ll like this zapper.

  • External LED lights in a light nearby area
  • Battery and charger are sold separately


DynaTrap DT1050-TUNSR

Amazon Reviews: 9149 ratings 

**Attention: Requires Plug Outlet

This bug zapper is awesome but requires a power source. This is used for someone with a big backyard, however, if you have a portable generator for camping this may be perfect for you. I’m adding it to the list cause I’m blown away by the distance it’ll cover.

  • What We Catch – Attracts and traps mosquitoes, biting flies, house flies, moths, no-see-ums, June beetles, wasps, yellow jackets, stink bugs, gnats, and biting midges
  • 3-Way Protection – The UV light and TiO2 coating lure flying insects to the trap, then the powerful, whisper-quiet fan sucks them into the basket
  • Powerful Protection – The trap effectively protects up to 1/2 acre of your property
  • All-Weather Construction – A durable design for indoor or outdoor use. Keep it continuously running all season long for non-stop insect protection
  • Discreet Design – The sleek tungsten finish and decorative basket are designed to effortlessly blend in with your existing décor
  • Easy to Use – Place traps 3-6 feet above the ground and 20-40 feet away from people. Plug the trap in and empty the catch basket as needed




Benefits of Getting a Bug Zapper

Security from Bug Bites

Mosquitoes and flies are just some of the biting insects you’re likely to encounter on a wilderness adventure. These insects may spread illness and are therefore not just a nuisance but also a possible threat to human health. A bug zapper is a great first line of defense since it lures in the insects, traps them, and then kills them. Its electric grid and UV light attract insects, lowering the likelihood of mosquito bites and other insect-related discomforts and making for a more comfortable and worry-free camping trip.

Better Sleep

That buzzing next to your year can drive just about anyone crazy.

You can’t have a relaxing camping vacation without a decent night’s sleep. A quiet night may quickly become a nightmare if you’re plagued by biting insects. A bug zapper can help you enjoy your camping spot without being bothered by pesky insects.

Eating Meals

Camping is fun because you get to enjoy wonderful food in front of a beautiful natural setting. A pleasant evening of al fresco eating may rapidly become a frustrating fight against unwanted guests if insects are present. Using a bug zapper may create an insect-free zone around your dining areas

Less Kid Mosquito Bites

Camping is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. However, children are more likely to suffer from severe reactions to bug bites, making it more difficult to encourage them to spend time outdoors. A bug zapper can protect them from annoying and perhaps dangerous insects while camping.

Your family may go on treks and play outside without worrying about being eaten alive by mosquitoes or flies. Develop an appreciation for nature while keeping your loved ones cozy and secure.

The following are some of the best Bug Zappers For Camping on the market. Some are a little more powerful than others, but also come with a bigger price tag


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