Hølssen Men’s Leather Satchel Briefcase Review

Men’s Leather Satchel Briefcase

The Hølssen Men’s Leather Satchel Briefcase has broken new ground in my opinion. Most men don’t carry a briefcase, but if they do they usually lack style. A briefcase can appear cold and too business-like. Other options are the backpack route. However, a business professional may view a backpack as unsophisticated, even childish. Making this middle ground of whether or not a man feels comfortable enough carrying a satchel. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that a satchel is not for you, however, the Hølssen men’s leather satchel briefcase has the look of a briefcase, but the style of a satchel.

This men’s leather satchel briefcase is sexy and stylish. It’s professional and yet practical. You’re not carrying it to make a fashion statement, you’re carrying it cause it fits your 15″ Laptop and reports and notes from the office. To be honest, this satchel briefcase even made me feel more attractive while riding the train every day. I would catch a look and then a smile here or there from a woman that I wouldn’t normally get from an over the shoulder backpack.

Men's Leather Satchel BriefcaseMen’s Leather Satchel Briefcase

I think we could both agree that this bag has a modern design to it. Holssen was started by two friends with the goal of creating a concept to fill a void in the leather goods industry. Holssen crafts bags for the functional world, with high-quality leather that can withstand the test of time – all embracing the act of affordability.

The design looks like a laptop bag without being obvious that it has a laptop in it. It’s not too big to seem bulky, and the leather adds a classy look, making it seem almost business casual.

Product Details:

  • Men’s Satchel Briefcase and Messenger Bag
  • Genuine Crazy Horse Leather
  • Natural Distressed, Vintage Look
  • Soft, Heavy-Duty Style
  • Dimensions: 17” x 11.5” x 4”

Leather Satchel Briefcase

My Personal Take

After I purchased my MacBook Pro for my new job, I wanted something stylish to carry it in. Rather than get some heavy duty security backpack that makes it look obvious that I’m carrying around something valuable, I went with a more stylish, casual approach. I feel this bag looks more like a professional briefcase than it does a laptop bag.

I love the professional finish, and metal parts are very sturdy. This men’s leather satchel briefcase feels like it will serve me well for a long time. It’s crafted with genuine, full-grain Crazy Horse leather. I’ve not felt anything like it before. I should warn you that these messenger bags can display small, unique scratches and a vintage worn, distressed look to them, but that adds to its style. I know that may seem off-putting, but it’s not, it’s like a high-end pair of jeans that have been worked in after a few wears.

This bag is available at Amazon which features free shipping and had over 70 positive reviews.

Inside the Bag

This particular men’s leather satchel briefcase can fit a 15-inch laptop easily and has room for other accessories like papers, pens etc. There is an interior lining separator to help you stay organized. I found it to be very roomy for all my belongings. One note: I wouldn’t get this bag if you have a laptop over 15 inches, as this leather briefcase appears to be a perfect fit for that exact size. However, they do appear to have other models for bigger laptops.

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