BCOZZY Review: The Best Kids Travel Neck Pillow

Kids Travel Neck Pillow

In this article, I talk about one of the best travel neck pillow for kids, specifically, BCOZZY. In this BCOZZY Review, I look at the benefits of this neck pillow and talk about how much my child loves it.


Traveling and getting to know other people’s culture is one of the best things anyone can do in life. There’s hardly a better feeling in the world than the thrill that comes with seeing the most amazing sights around the world. I’ve thought to believe that right from my adolescence, and although I couldn’t do much traveling as a kid, I made a vow to catch up on what I missed when I grew up.

But traveling long distances comes with lots of stress. It doesn’t matter if it’s a road trip or long plane ride, there’s only so much time you can spend appreciating the landscape without feeling jetlagged or just burned out. I for one am quite fastidious about my sleeping positions. I get cranky after a long trip as I find it difficult to sleep in the car or plane. It doesn’t matter which position I try, I’m just never comfortable. I’ve mentioned this in previous articles and even suggested a few cooling blankets to help when staying in a hotel room away from home.

BCOZZY ReviewAs the years went by, I learned to adapt to the sleep deprivation. Although it still takes its toll when I finally get to my destination because I’ll need a full day of quality sleep or two before I can enjoy the sights and sounds. I learned I had to include more days in my itinerary because of this simple fact. However, things changed when my child began to come with me when traveling, as I realized the world stopped being about just me.

I noticed the annoying crankiness right from our first trip together and I couldn’t blame the poor boy. The road trip was quite long and the road was bumpy at some points. I felt he was going to eventually shake it off like I always do but this seemed not to be the case for him. He hardly enjoyed any moment on our first trip and kept complaining of a stiff neck. This experience culminated into a dislike for traveling and I couldn’t afford to let that grow.

I firmly believe there are only a few things you can spend money on that would make you richer, and products that improve the quality of your sleep is one of them. I knew I had to find a solution and during my frantic search, I came across the BCOZZY kids chin support Travel neck pillow.

My son was skeptical about it at first, but I implored him to take a short road trip with it during nap time and it worked like a charm. I waited for the perfect moment to test the BCOZZY travel pillow, as we took a 2-hour drive to my parent’s house about 30min before his usual naptime. He slept nearly the whole drive and I got to have a quiet, enjoyable drive, drinking coffee and listening to a podcast.

My goal was to find the best kids travel neck pillow available, however, this product isn’t specifically for children. I picked up one for myself and it works great for business trips. Although, I will say I find it funny when other people on a flight give me a look when I’m wrapping the BCOZZY travel neck pillow around my neck. If you haven’t seen one before I guess it could appear to be a little strange. But that curious look soon turns to an envious look when they realize how easy it is to sleep on a plane.

I swear last year on a long flight this guy from across from was going to make me an offer on my kids travel neck pillow. His daughter was not comfortable and was very upset. My son had just woken up from a long nap and was in a great mood. I felt for the parent and the little girl, and while my son was distracted watching a movie on his Pad, I offered my son’s kids travel neck pillow to man to borrow for a little while. After the little girl had fallen asleep the father was very curious to where he could buy one. I told him I bought it on Amazon. He looked like he wanted to skip the middleman and try to make me an offer on my son’s BCOZZY Pillow right there lol. He didn’t of course, but I’m sure he ordered soon after.

The moment I laid my hands on this kids travel neck pillow, I knew I had to get one for myself. The adult version is pretty much the exact same thing, only slight bigger. The filling is soft and comfy and perhaps, its greatest strength is the creative design. The pillow is designed such that the back is very flat and doesn’t push the neck forward. Yet, it still provides the much-needed support. Thus, my son was able to rest his neck and fall asleep comfortably. The pillow supports the chin, neck and entire head and the complaints of a stiff neck that succeeds every road trip stopped once I started using this pillow for my kid. Even while on a bumpy ride, the neck is well secured and it doesn’t disturb him from enjoying the landscape and sights on the roadside.

BCOZZY Review: Travel Pillow Details

  • Comfy kids travel neck pillow works great for adults too
  • Keeps the neck is a more natural position
  • Prevents interruptions of sleep from vehicle movement or airplane turbulence
  • Offers chin, neck and entire head support without pushing the head forward
  • Keeps head from bobbing up and down when a child falls asleep
  • Great for car rides and plane trips. Your child can sleep longer and arrive rested
  • Very Soft and Flexible yet supports the head and neck at the same time.
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Snap Strap for easy hanging so it will not get dirty
  • Entire pillow is Machine Washable
Available at Amazon

The support is a perfect blend of being flexible and lightweight. You’ll be getting the much-needed comfort even in sitting positions that seem awkward. The filling is quite durable and it doesn’t lose its elasticity or flexibility even after long periods of use. Although my child complained of some discomfort that comes with wrapping the support around his throat, he felt very comfortable with it as soon as I loosened the strap.

Also, there is a snap strap that makes the chin support very easy to handle. You do not have to fold it or put it in a stack of clothes which could compress the fillings. Hanging ensures it doesn’t get dirty easily. Even when it does, the entire pillow can be washed in a washing machine. You do not need to harbor any fears about ruining the fillings with water.

This is a product I’ll recommend to anyone that loves going on long trips.


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