Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage Review

Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage Review

Hauptstadtkoffer Review

Having carried around my plain old soft-case suitcase for years, I finally had to admit defeat on a recent multi-week trip to New York. Not only was my suitcase starting to look a little rough around the edges, but the frustration of trying to drag it with its faulty wheels and hold it upright to stop it from tipping over became too much. Clearly, suitcases had come a long way since I’d purchased my first bag several years ago, and my outdated option no longer did the trick.

I accepted it was time to upgrade my luggage and set about doing some research to find the best suitcase for traveling. I wanted to invest in something that was good quality but wasn’t going to require a small personal loan to pay for. It soon became apparent that a luggage set was going to be the best value option – plus, there’s a certain appeal of having a cohesive, stylish luggage set as you make your way to your destination.

When I finally decided to trade in my old bag and upgrade, it left me wondering why I hadn’t done it so much earlier. It certainly made navigating the airport much more pleasant and I love the look of my new case! I also decided to opt for a hard-shell case, which has given me a lot of peace of mind about carrying my beloved camera equipment through the airport and leaving it in the care of the airline staff.

Gone are the days of just throwing all my belongings into my case and hoping for the best. My new suitcase is much better organized, which means everything is easier to find, and I can fit more in (perfect for when I can’t choose between two pairs of shoes). Finally, it’s great to have a suitcase that’s up to date with modern TSA standards so I no longer have to choose between leaving my bag unsecured, or risking damage if it is opened by baggage handlers or security.

So, what bag did I settle on?

Hauptstadtkoffer Review

The Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage Set

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Generally speaking, I am a huge fan of German design. I love their approach of mixing style and practicality, so I was compelled to find out more about the Hauptstadtkoffer luggage set.

The set comes with three different bag sizes: one 128 liter suitcase, one 90 liter suitcase, and one 42 liter cabin bag. Although I generally only travel with one or two bags, I liked the options that this set presented because as a frequent traveler, my requirements can be quite different depending on the trip. For example, the larger size is perfect for a longer stay with my family abroad in winter, whereas the smaller case is just right for warmer weather or shorter trips. When traveling with my partner, we use all three, and it works very well.

Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage Review

The cabin bag is also a convenient size at 21.7” x 14.6” x 9.4” (that’s approximately 55cm x 37cm x 24cm in metric). This size is perfect for carrying as cabin luggage on both full-service and budget airlines, including restrictive carriers like EasyJet.

All of the bags feature a hard, ABS shell case which is great for protecting your belongings. I’ve always been too scared to pack electronics in my soft-shell checked bag, but this case feels very sturdy. At first, I was concerned that a hard-shell case may be more restrictive in terms of capacity, however, the Haupstadtkoffer bag set is so well organized inside that I actually found it fit more than my soft shell. The two larger bags are also extendable by 20%, which is perfect if you like to shop while you’re away!

Multiple Color Options

There are a large number of color options to choose from. They even have a Camouflage design.

When picking colors for your luggage you need to weigh the pros and cons of having a bright eye-catching set of luggage. Most people pick a black or dark blue which is a nice matching color for when you’re carrying them around, but it’s the bright yellows and pinks and never seem to have their bag misplaced or taken by accident.

Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage ReviewThe Cyan blue color is quite distinctive, which is helpful for finding it quickly on the baggage carousel and avoiding any awkward social faux pas of grabbing the wrong bag. I also think the simple design makes it look quite sleek with a bit of an industrial edge.

Another good feature of the set is the wheels, they glide very easily and because there is one on each corner, the bags are sturdy and can stand upright on their own. This is really convenient when you’re standing in a long airport line as you don’t need to worry about it tipping over.

In addition, the bags come with a TSA approved lock so that you can keep your belongings secure but compliant with airline regulations. This is definitely great for peace of mind and convenience.

Also convenient is the fact that the bags all fit into each other for ease of storage. This means overall the set takes up surprisingly little room when not in use, and you don’t need to worry about trying to find space to store three bulky items.

Overall, I’m definitely happy with my decision to upgrade my luggage. It’s certainly taken a lot of the stress out of navigating through airports, so I consider it a worthy investment!

This luggage set is available at Amazon.



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