Best Travel Blanket for Flights

Best Travel Blanket for Flights

Best Travel Blanket

Although they say getting there is half of the fun, it’s not very enjoyable to be part way through a flight and absolutely freezing. Not only does it make for a very unpleasant flight, but it can also stop you from getting crucial hours of sleep, meaning you arrive at your destination feeling tired and grumpy.

Some international airlines do provide blankets for long-haul flights, however, they’re often not terribly comfortable, not to mention that it’s best not to think about how many people have used them before you! Honestly, when do they wash those things? Even if that doesn’t bother you, there’s certainly no guarantee that a free blanket will be provided for you as there is sometimes a limited supply. Instead, do what I do, pack a travel blanket. You’ll be surprised how often you use it.

Be Proactive: Get a Travel Blanket Before Your Flight

Well-crafted travel blankets ensure that your temperature is regulated perfectly (working to keep you warm when needed, as well as cooling you down if necessary) and that you are comfortable in flight, all at an affordable price.

The best travel blankets have a number of other uses as well. Of course, they’re great for different types of travel like on buses, trains, and boats as well as flights. They can also double as picnic blankets or pillows in a push, or replace hotel linens that look just a little bit questionable. All in all, it’s no wonder that frequent travelers swear by a good quality travel blanket as one of the travel essentials.

Not sure which to go for? Here are our two favorite travel blankets for the serious traveler who wants to stay warm and comfortable:

Best Travel Blanket for the Airplane

Cabeau Fold ‘n’ Go Travel Blanket & Case

73 Amazon Reviews

This blanket not only keeps you warm, but it also doubles up as a lumbar neck pillow to ensure a restful sleep on the plane! It can also serve as a regular pillow or a seat cushion for when those airline seats start to feel hard and uncomfortable.

The Cabeau Fold ‘n’ Go Travel Blanket and Case is made out of ultra-soft and luxurious French microfibre, meaning the material is perfect for snuggling under and keeping toasty warm in-flight.

Many travel blankets scrimp on size to save space, however, the Cabeau Fold ‘n’ Go measures 60” (5 foot) x 36”, meaning it’s big enough to cover you comfortably. Its clever design means that despite its generous size, it folds up compactly within its Velcro case so as not to take up too much room in your luggage.

For added convenience, this travel blanket is machine washable so it can easily be washed between uses, unlike some blankets which are hand wash only. Just be sure to wash it on a gentle cycle to preserve its luxurious softness!

Where Do Get a Travel Blanket?

Luckily, there are a number of great travel blankets on the market that can help you say goodbye to freezing cabins or scratchy airline blankets. However, my advice would be to avoid paying the heavy markup on blankets at stores at the airport while waiting for your flight. These can cost sometimes 3X as much as if you ordered one on Amazon.

Alternative Option

Tucker Travel Cover 4-in-1 Travel Blanket

73 Amazon Reviews

Ok, this is a little differnt.

This option is not just a travel blanket, but so much more. The clever design features a warm travel blanket, as well as an in-built pillow with neck support, as well as front pockets for storing your go-to items during the flight.

The Tucker Travel Cover even features a unique “self-tucking” feature, meaning you’ll feel almost like you’re snuggled up in your own bed rather than flying at 30,000 feat (or aboard a train or bus!) You’ll never feel cold mid-travel again!

The outer material is hardy, so as to act as a hygienic barrier between you and the seat and also make the cover more durable – however, the inside is very soft and comforting to help you drift off while traveling. The soft material is also perfect for regulating your body temperature either in warm or cool environments.

It also features a pocket for your arms, and a deep hood for privacy and support – no more awkward eye contact with fellow passengers! Plus, with its inbuilt lumbar support, say goodbye to suddenly being startled awake if your head tips too far when snoozing!

This wearable blanket also comes with a convenient travel case, so that you can easily fold it up and store it away. It even features a clever loop on the case so that it can securely attach to any luggage, including your cabin bag.

Available on Amazon


Final Thoughts

Travel blankets are a clever and affordable way to step up your travel game and bring a little bit of luxury to your next flight, train ride or bus journey. Forget shivering away in the cabin of the plane or trying not to think about who has sat on the train seat before you – a travel blanket provides comfort, warmth, and peace of mind!

With a good quality travel blanket, you can be assured of a restful and comfortable trip, meaning you’ll step into your new destination feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a city’s sights or perhaps that 9 am business meeting.

So, go ahead and give our two favorites a try – you can thank us later!


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