Best Luggage For Kids: 5 Suitcase Options Your Kids Will Love

Best Luggage For Kids

Best Luggage For Kids

I think there are two types of parents in the world. There are the parents who envision the perfect family vacation with countless pictures and priceless memories, and then there are the parents who absolutely dread the concept of traveling with toddlers.

I happen to fall into the category of overthinking all the things that could go wrong. Sure, I want all the happy memories and good times with my wife and kids on vacation, but the idea of my kids throwing a meltdown on a plane or whining about the travel time makes me want to abort the whole mission.

Just recently, my wife twisted my arm and the whole family made it’s the first trip to Disneyland.

Best Luggage For KidsMy wife, who is extremely organized took care of most of everything. I tried to help by offering “end of the world toddler scenarios” as she put it, but honestly, the trip wasn’t bad at all.

I do think the key to the success of our vacation was buying our two toddlers there own luggage. It gave them a sense of responsibility and encouraged them to stay organized. Kids love to feel involved in what everyone else is doing, so finding the best luggage for kids was tops on my list of things to do after remembering all the local day-trips we’ve done where Dad has had to carry everything. 

Of course, picking out random luggage for your kids to stuff all their stuff into is not the goal here. I don’t care how cheap of a deal you find, you need to think about finding some luggage for your kids that they’ll enjoy, something that they’ll take care of. You got to put yourself their shoes. – Metaphorically speaking, of course, not the shoes that your toddler has lost for the fifth time. 

Best Luggage For Kids: How to Decide?

First thing is first, don’t show your child 100 options, your kid(s) will get their heart set on something that could possibly be too big for them to carry. The expression “they’ll grow into it” should not be thrown around here. You need luggage on wheels that isn’t too heavy to for them to pull.

What I did, was start with the size of the luggage, find a few different options and then let them decide from a few different styles. We have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. So I picked out a smaller backpack and suitcase for my daughter, the youngest.

The follower are some of the best luggage for kids options that I found. I would highly recommend this for any trip.

Best Luggage For Kids5. The Combo Kit

Despite this not being the exact one my daughter picked out, this was one of the options I had decided on. There is really good value here with getting double luggage set up.

We had planned to put some of her snacks and toys in the backpack that way we could lock the suitcase with all her clothes.

Features & Dimensions

  • Perfect for kids 2-6 years old
  • Lightweight and bright colors, will not be an extra burden to children. Perfect for school also. 
  • Kids toddler children luggage has 2 wheels, easy for mobility. front zip pocket keeps favorite things in easy reach
  • Retractable handle for an easy carry-on that can be adjusted to 68cm height, 80cm height and 90cm height for children of different ages.
  • Backpack offers hand carry handle and child back straps for convenience

Available at Amazon


Paw Patrol Luggage for Kids4. The Cartoon Favorite

This Paw Patrol kids luggage hard case has amazing reviews on Amazon and was almost the one we went for. My son loves Paw Patrol so I could easily see him proudly wheeling this kids luggage carrier around.

However, the reason we didn’t pick this one, was there was a question asked on the customer review page about it being small enough to fit under the seat on a plane. There was no definitive answer, it could fit, but we didn’t want to risk it.

If you’re wanted to store games and things for your son or daughter in the suitcase that they’ll want access to throughout the flight, just be prepared you might have to get up and fish it out from the overhead compartment. I know this sounds like a lazy reason to not pick this suitcase, but we really wanted more of a pack back combo so they can do their own things on the flight.

This is still an excellent option.

Available at Amazon


Kids Truck Luggage Suit Case3. The Toy Box on Wheels

Ok, so… I’m including this one because it’s pretty much the coolest kids luggage/ toy I’ve ever seen. I think if I was 2-years-old, this is what I want.

You may think this is just a fun suitcase for your child to pull his toys around with, but it actually stores a decent about of space. It could be perfect if you’re expecting a lot of downtime in between flights, or you just feel this is distracting enough that your child will be so happy playing with it that you’ll be able to put your feet up… for 15min.

Despite the overall lack of practicality, this kids truck luggage suitcase gets 5 stars on Amazon.


  • Retractable metal carrying handle to allow use as a suitcase.
  • Capacity: 18 liters, It’s spacious enough for storage toddler’s luggage such as clothes, toys and other stuff on your travel.
  • Durable Strap Used For Pulling-The Shoulder Strap Length is an 88cm/34.6 inch to make make it easy enough to go on a trip with parents.
  • Perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles and at home, encourages play and doubles as a toy.

Available at Amazon


2. The “Packback on Wheels” Suitcase

This luggage option is more or less just a big backpack on wheels. It’s priced very well and has a lot of pockets to store things that your child will need or their favorite toys.

The “Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Luggage Monkey” has excellent reviews on Amazon and is a solid option for your child. I don’t think you can go wrong with this suitcase, however, I’m not sure how durable this suitcase is longterm. It is more of a bag.


  • Front zip pocket keeps favorite things in easy reach
  • Removable, adjustable “parent” strap
  • Retractable 13-inch handle for easy carry-on
  • Elastic mesh bottle pocket
  • The back loop keeps shoulder strap tucked away

Available at Amazon


1. Disney & Star Wars Brand

Start Wars SuitcaseDisney, who now own Star Wars, really took things to the next level with its own line of kids suitcases and luggage with style. I was blown away by the detail and quality they put into making these suitcases for kids.

I mean, I get it, it makes sense, they know people are flying in from all over the world to see Disneyland characters, they might as well start winning you over at the airport.

My son is surprisingly into Star Wars even at a young age. He got hooked on the cartoon and the lego theme Star Wars pieces. My Daughter loves Disney also. We went with these, but I was a fan of the other listed above.


  • 100% Abs Plastic
  • Nylon lining
  • Zipper closed-mounted
  • united skate wheels, monotube pull handle
  • American Tourister branding, color matching logo on the back panel
  • Disney branded zipper pulls, large mesh pocket on the interior

Available at Amazon


Good luck, enjoy your trip and thanks for reading.



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