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6 Reliable Electric Cooling Blanket Options To Get A Perfect Night Sleep

Electric Cooling Blanket: Sleep Better

Even in the winter, when I have blankets on to stay warm, sometimes I wake up too hot and need to cool down. I hate sweating when I sleep, so I’ve learned over the years to stick my feet out from the covers to get my body temperature just right. Obviously, this didn’t allow for too many comfortable sleeping positions until I got myself an electronic cooling blanket, and life has been so much better.

I used to travel a lot for business and hated hotel beds. I could never adjust to the room’s heat or the blankets’ thickness. My boyfriend would always tell me to just kick the blankets off, but that didn’t work either, as I prefer the comfort of having covers on my body as I sleep. I’ll admit, I’m just a picky sleeper who needs the temperature to be just right.

Temperature is easily one of the biggest obstacles to getting quality sleep. Studies have found that the optimal temperature for the best quality sleep is cooler than you may think, around 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15-20°C). Temperatures that fall too far below or above this range can lead to restlessness. Temperatures in this ideal sleeping range help facilitate the decrease in core body temperature that, in turn, initiates sleepiness. Getting into that perfect sleeping temperature zone can be difficult due to warmer climates, the heating of your home or simply laying next to someone who naturally sleeps hot and warms the bed.

Cooling Pillow

A wide range of sleeping products market themselves as solutions for staying cool in bed. I started with a Cooling Pillow, which worked pretty well initially, but as I mentioned, I do a lot of traveling. Packing a pillow is a waste of space in your luggage.

I aimed to find a quality electric cooling blanket that would keep my whole body at the right temperature. I quickly realized, though, you get what you paid for. I tried a few affordable cooler blanket suggestions before overpaying for a portable air conditioner. The air conditioner wasn’t worth the money and my partner didn’t like freezing every night. He asked me to return it and continue to search for a blanket that would keep me cold, not the entire room.

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5 Best Bug Zappers For Camping

Bug Zapper For Camping is a Must Have

Camping in the vast outdoors is refreshing because it brings us face-to-face with the marvels of nature. However, annoying bugs may rapidly ruin a camping experience and make you hate you never left the house. Bringing a bug zapper camping is a smart move to protect yourself and your family or camping companions from these persistent insects.

I know what you thinking, bug spray will do the job, but the constant re-applying and smell is not worth it. Last year I bought a portable bug zapper for our yearly family camping trip and it was a game changer. It’s a must-have camping accessory since it keeps bugs at bay, improves the quality of your sleep, makes outdoor meals easier, and encourages fun for the whole family. Get away from the buzzing noise and bites and enjoy the outdoors.

The following are 5 great outdoor portable bug zappers for camping.

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Best Travel Clothes For Women

I have had it, I need to get away.

Now that the lockdown is over, we are free to travel again. One of the most frustrating things about being stuck at home was not being able to talk to other people face-to-face. People are social beings who need to connect with other people and interact with them. Being away from our friends and family can hurt our mental and emotional health, making us feel lonely and depressed. So let’s get back out there!

It’s that time to get away, so let’s plan a trip and dress the part, not just for the landing spot, but for the long travel day.

Best Travel Clothes For Women

For a long flight, comfort is key, so it’s best to wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing. You may consider wearing a pair of comfortable leggings or joggers paired with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Opt for natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo as they are more breathable and can help regulate body temperature.

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Laptop Backpack For Women: 11 Practical and Stylish Options

Best Laptop Backpack For Women

Best Laptop Backpack For Women

As technology gets smaller and more lightweight so do the cases, bags, and backpacks we use to carry around our trusted devices. In just the last few years, laptops have made a significant change towards being sleeker with less wasted space, and have indeed become as convenient as carrying around a thin book. Of course, all that being said, you still need to keep your laptop safe from theft and getting damaged. While there are a lot of options on the market, a laptop backpack for women with some style to it isn’t as easy to find as you would think. It seems that most companies are still pushing the briefcase concept.

Laptop Backpack For WomenWhen I think of a briefcase, I think of a hardshell case like the one you would see in a spy movie where someone is transporting millions of dollars. The hero later uses the briefcase as a shield in a gunfight, or at some point throws the briefcase across the room knocking someone unconscious. I’m joking; of course, there are a lot of successful women who still use and carry around a briefcase, I just know that’s not the look I’m after.

Actually, now that I think of it, it wasn’t a look that my mother was after either. When I was a kid, my mom had this well-respected position where she managed and oversaw the success of twenty-plus stores at the airport. You know all those stores you pass on the way to your flight, or shop in while waiting for your trip? They’re usually all owned by one or two companies.

One Christmas, my brother and I went in on a leather briefcase. Laptops weren’t around back then, but I remember thinking I wanted to get something for my mom, who was a strong businesswoman. About a week after the holidays she confessed that she returned it as it just wasn’t her thing. She preferred carrying all her news and notes on her blackberry, or simply remembered info by memory.

What I’m Looking For

Living in the North West, which is typically raining most of the year, requires a different type of criteria when buying day-to-day travel accessories. I need a backpack that is waterproof and can hold a 15-inch laptop. I’m also tired of lugging around both my purse and a bag to hold my laptop, so I’m looking to merge the two. Ideally, I want something stylish enough that I can take this bag out to lunch and it doesn’t look like it has a laptop in it, yet professional enough for the office.

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5 Must-Have Items To Include In Your Travel Outfits For Long Flights

Travel Outfits For Long Flights

In this article, Julie Buckingham gives away her favorite tips for building the best travel outfits for long flights. The key to surviving a long plane ride doesn’t involve an aisle seat or in-flight movie, it’s about staying comfortable.

Travel Outfits For Long Flights

I dread long flights. In fact, I try not to travel anywhere for a short period of time if the destination requires a long flight. I would much rather find a way to stay an extra week on my trip or vacation if it includes an eight-hour flight or longer. The reward of course, is an amazing adventure, sandy white beach or visiting a culture in a city you’ve never been to before. Despite our discomfort, it’s worth the time stuck in a seat in the sky.

However, your mood could easily change if you were uncomfortable. Travel outfits for long flights are not just fashionable, their practical and even essential for an extended period of time on a flight. The fabrics you wear, the shoes on your feet are all important decisions in making your long flight tolerable.

In this article, I talk about 5 items to include in your Travel Outfits For Long Flights along with some items of clothing that you should avoid.

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